Pethadine is a very strong painkiller that is supplied in the form of a pink ampoule. This is the type of medicine that is prescribed by doctors for patients that suffer from high levels of pain caused by cancer and patients that sustained serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents and who experiences high levels of pain.

Pethadine is found in the form of an ampoule that can be opened, drawn up in a syringe and injected. This is a schedule 7 substance and it was found over the years that especially medical practitioners became addicted to this substance. It is not very commonly sold on street level.

Thus the last few years several physicians in Pretoria, were arrested and jailed for the abuse of Pethadine. The myth exists that Pethadine has very few, if any, side-effects, because of that fact doctors tend to abuse this substance. However, a person that uses Pethadine over a long period suffers from serious side-effects. A doctor that was recently sentenced in Pretoria, seemed to be no more than a skeleton.

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