STABILIS Treatment Centre  "your joy of living is our aim"

Staanvas Centre is a registered treatment centre which provides an in-patient treatment program for drug dependency. Persons of both sexes, all nationalities and religions between the ages of 18 and 65 are accommodated.

Our detoxification facilities make provision for withdrawal symptoms of drug dependents.

Staanvas Centre is situated in the quiet Moot area of Pretoria with easy access to the N1 and N4 highways, bus routes, churches and shopping centres.

The duration of the in-patient program at Staanvas Centre for drug dependency is a minimum of 35 days, depending on the patient's physical and / or emotional progress.

The rehabilitation program includes the comprehensive services of the following multi-professional team:

  • A part-time psychiatrist, medical practitioner, minister and dietician;
  • Full-time psychologist and social workers; and
  • Full-time nursing staff, available 24 hours a day

Daily communication takes place amongst the members of the professional team in order to monitor and adjust the progress and recovery of the patient. The team is fully equipped to proved the patient and his / her family with medical, therapeutic, emotional and spiritual support.

Medical lectures on the effect of substances on the body and the recovery process are given on a daily basis. During the withdrawal phase the patient and his / her family receive continual emotional support as well as useful information.

Intensive individual and group therapy as well as video lectures are given on a daily basis where we guide and help the patient to:

  • Get to know him- / herself as a human being
  • Identify and express his / her feelings
  • Establish meaningful communication
  • Regain his / her self-respect
  • Discover the meaning of life and his / her relationships
  • Gain peace of mind
  • Enjoy a sober lifestyle
  • Start to live fully

The patient has the opportunity to quit using drugs. The patient's problems with him- / herself, his / her functioning, his / her environment and relationships are identified and the patient learns how to cope with his / her problems in a new way. The parents of the patient and / or those concerned have the opportunity to sort out their own feelings and to develop new insights into their relationship with the patient.

Should a patient suffer from tension and / or depression, the psychiatrist is available for consultation, diagnosis and referral. The patient also learns relaxation skills during the weekly relaxation therapy.

Although our religious program is based on Christian principles, we also accommodate patients with other religious convictions by encouraging visits from the patient's own spiritual leader. Voluntary devotional meetings are held in the chapel each day and personal conversations emphasise the experience of the assurance of faith, forgiveness and the integration of the patient's lifestyle.

During the treatment the patient and his / her parents or concerned party take part in group therapy and lectures every second week night on a Tuesday.

The after-care program (recovery facilitation phase) continues for eleven months during which period the patient and the parents are provided with telephone and individual counselling. We also encourage the parent and patient the attendance of groups every second week at the centre.

The centre can accommodate up to forty patients and has one and three bed rooms. The patient's stay is made as comfortable as possible by creating a relaxed homely atmosphere. Patients are encouraged to bring their personal belongings and hobbies and are surrounded by continuous calm music. Use of leisure time is encouraged and the following activities are available:

  • Snooker, darts, volleyball, table tennis, M-Net
  • Exercise / gym equipment, board games, a tuck shop as well as a
  • Kitchen and braai facilities for the patient and his / her family

A balanced diet is followed as prescribed by the dietician and we also provide for patients with specific needs. The following special menus are available:

  • A diabetic
  • Low cholesterol
  • Vegetarian
  • Soft menu for detoxification patients

We are proud of the work we do at Staanvas Centre and we treat our patients with respect and dignity. We care for the happiness of the patient and his / her family.

We want to help the patient to:

  • Live again fully
  • Enjoy a sober lifestyle
  • Experience peace of mind
  • Enjoy healthy relationships


      1229 Haarhoff Street East - M˘regloed - Pretoria - 0186
      P O Box 26033 - Arcadia - 0007
      Tel & Fax - (012) 333 7702
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